Commander Crunch

Episode 27 – Let's talk about the social contract

February 3rd, 2021

Greetings friends! We're taking a little intermission between guest features this week to spend some time chatting about the social contract, and showing consideration in Commander. Inspired by our previous guests the Scrap Trawlers recently, some discussions started around how do we all show kindness in commander, which led to our run through on this episode touching on our perspectives on navigating the social contract in commander, including a little about Rule Zero (we could easily do many more episodes on just that topic), and having healthy discussions to establish expectations in commander games. We run through some ways to make that discussion easier whilst establishing power levels, plus dissecting the difference between power in cards and intent of the player. We manage to cover some lofty topics, but look to continue discovering a range of perspectives on these matters as we continue our guest profiles ahead. Enjoy!

Sheldon Menery's Star City Games article about Rule 0 can be found here

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