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Episode 33 – EDH is Esoteric with G3 from MTG Lexicon

April 2nd, 2021

Welcome Cereal fans! We welcome a very dear friend of ours to the cast this week as Nick G aka G3 from MTG Lexicon hangs out at the breakfast table to chat all things life and magic. We run through G3's commander and MTG Lexicon origins, his intensly detailed deck brewing documentation and style, what it's been like managing the MTG Lexicon community and the support we've been grateful for, and we take a trip on the vessel of our minds to discuss the deep esoteric themes of cognitive science and actionable concepts we can think about and action in life and magic. All that and of course the lighter hearted influences gathered from our profile questions, where we chat Mr Robot, The Avalanches and Brandon Sanderson Novels. It was the best of times. Enjoy!

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