Commander Crunch

Episode 05 – Upgrading the Commander 2020 Precons

August 5th, 2020

Welcome back Commander Addicts! This week we resist the urge to have yet another guest, and instead learn to talk among outselves about the latest juicy commander release this year, the Ikoria themed Commander 2020 precons. Thanks to Wizards of the Coast, Chesh received one of each of the decks from mothership to produce a series of sponsored videos showing an upgrade path for each of the precons. We run through Chesh's thought processes for each of the deck upgrades, outlining key deck building considerations, interesting discoveries, fun gameplay stories, and the regular serving of wacky tangents and spinoffs you've grown to expect from us. Enjoy!

Chesh's C20 Precon Upgrade Videos can be found at:
Symbiotic Swarm
Timeless Wisdom
Enhanced Evolution
Ruthless Regiment
Arcane Maelstrom

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