Commander Crunch

Episode 06 – Effective Cards for a Positive Table

August 10th, 2020

Greetings commander jank lords! This week we're opening up a discussion about a theme of positive table interaction in commander. A couple epsiodes back JR from SpellTable brought up the idea of playing cards that result in some table chatter, which got us thinking about what it is that really helps make a commander game enjoyable and positive for eveyrone, and the heart of it is interaction. In the spirit of promoting the best sides of the game we love, we take a look at some specific cards that embody the spirit of positive table interaction, and provoking a conversation, whilst remaining effective to your game plan - that is to say not having to fall into the extremes of chaos, or group hug. We've opened this up as an open ended theme to continue to explore and discuss, and hope you consider some of the ways you get your table involved in your next commander game (whilst still aiming to win!). Enjoy!

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